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Uncut Poets with Damian Furniss at Exeter Phoenix on Thursday 30th June 2016 at 7.30pm


June’s Uncut Poets features Damian Furniss, who will be reading from his recent Shearsman collection ‘The Best Of All Possible Worlds’ – an ambitious project that offers a poem for every year of the past century. Those who admired ‘Chocolate Che’, Damian’s previous collection, will recognise a characteristic mixture of the sardonic, the compassionate and the innovative.

The usual hosts, Liz Adams and Alasdair Paterson, will be navigating the evening through the Phoenix’s shape-shifting black hole still known as the Workshop. 10 open mic spots of 5 minutes each are available on a first come, first served basis, and can be booked by contacting Alasdair on FB, by email at or by mobile on 07783 734523. When they’re gone they’re gone – even in a black hole. Bar and toilets readily available. Admission £5 (£3 open mic and concessions). See you soon!

Uncut Poets, 30th July 2015, 19.00 – Devon and Exeter Institute – Cathedral Green, Exeter – with James Bell


The last Uncut before our August break, and the last for the time being in our Babylonish Captivity while the Phoenix undergoes untold renovations, takes place in the Devon and Exeter Institute on Cathedral Close. Our guest is none other than James Bell, who was for some years co-presenter of Uncut before migrating to Brittany. Published by tall_lighthouse, James has recently been amassing new collections and will be treating us to some pre-publication highlights from these.

The evening (commencing at the EARLIER time of 7pm) will again be presented by Alasdair Paterson and Liz Adams, and will feature 10 open mic spots of 5 minutes each. Anyone interested in these should contact Alasdair here or at, or on the mobile number 07783 734523. Wine and even soft drinks will be available at incredibly reasonable prices. Admission £5 (£3 open mics and concessions). 

Steve Spence reading from ‘Maelstrom Origami’ at Uncut Poets, Exeter Phoenix, on Thursday 26th February 2015 at 19.30

maelstrom origami

he February edition of Uncut Poets features as guest poet Steve Spence, master of the startling juxtaposition and the unexpected sidestep. Steve will be reading from his latest book from Shearsman, Maelstrom Origami, moving deeper in the oddness of contemporary culture while never discounting the appearance of a pirate or two.

The evening, in the Phoenix Black Box at 7.30pm on 26th February, will be presented by Liz Adams and Alasdair Paterson. There is also space for 10 open mic slots of 5 minutes each, and these can be booked by phoning Liz on 07887 600831. Admission is £5 (£3 open mic and concessions).

Uncut Poets, 26th June, Exeter Phoenix, 7.30pm with Jackie Juno, Jane Holland

Jane Holland

The June Uncut welcomes as guest poets Jackie Juno and Jane Holland. Jackie has long been a force in Devon poetry, equally capable of the serious, the politically committed and the outrageously funny, of weirdness and wisdom. She is a former Grand Bard of Exeter. Jane now lives in the Bodmin Moor area and her acclaimed Salt publications include Boudicca and Co and Camper Van Blues; she also writes historical fiction under the name of Victoria Lamb.

The evening will be presented as usual by Alasdair Paterson and Liz Adams, and there is room for 10 open mic spots of 5 minutes each. To book one, contact Liz on 07887 600831

Admission £5 (open mic and concessions £3). The bar will be open. See you there!

Kenny Knight and Robert Garnham at Uncut Poets, Exeter Phoenix, Thursday 29th May, 7.30pm.

King Kenny

King Kenny

Uncut Poets is proud (and a little bemused) to find itself presenting the most dynamic pairing of guests since the unhinged soirees of Dada (those were the days) or the golden years of the Batley Hippodrome (1923-1928, since you ask). Kenny Knight, celebrant of sheds, local characters, family oddities and yesterday’s music will be reading from his hit collection “The Honicknowle Book of the Dead” and pushing the boundaries still further with selections from his developing combination of Brautigan and Stevenson, ‘Trout Fishing on Treasure Island’. Robert Garnham is Master of the Revels at Poetry Island, responsible for turning those Blue Walnut Cafe performance evenings into a hotbed of surrealist laughter and poems about men called Simon. His printed collections, coming soon to a table in The Black Box, include ‘Year of the Cassowary’.

The evening wil be presented by Liz Adams and Alasdair Paterson, and there will be 10 open mic slots. To book one, or get a foothold on the very short reserve list, please call Liz on 07887 600831. The evening begins at 7.30pm, the bar will be open, and something outrageous is quite likely to happen.