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The Fifth Exeter Poetry Slam! Sunday 5th October 7:30pm at the Bikeshed

Tim King, last year's winner Saskia Tomlinson and Morwenna Griffiths

Tim King, last year’s winner Saskia Tomlinson and Morwenna Griffiths

Taking the Mic co-presenters Morwenna Griffiths and Tim King proudly host the fifth Exeter Poetry Slam!

15 of the finest poetic performers in the South West will go head to head in the 5th instalment of this annual competition. Previous winners include Ian Royce Chamberlain, Robert Garnham and Daniel Haynes, so expect the the very highest standard of competition.

The Slam! will be held over three rounds, comprising three heats, a semi-final and final. The winner of each heat and the two highest scoring runners-up will qualify for the semi-final. The two highest scoring poets in the semi-final will compete head-to-head in the final.

To apply to take part, please email:

Slam! poets will also be asked to supply a biographical note of no more than 40 words (strict maximum) by Monday 29th September 2014, to be read by the referees to introduce each contestant to the audience.

15 contestants, 3 rounds, 1 winner, much kudos.

There will be a prize of £50 cash and a further £50 paid slot at Spokes Amaze! for the winner.

Judges for the event are last year’s winner, Saskia Tomlinson, current Bard of Exeter Daniel Haynes and celebrated local poet Graham Burchell.

Tickets from the Bikeshed Theatre at £5

Congratulations to Saskia Tomlinson, Exeter Poetry Festival slam queen 2013!

Tim King, Saskia Tomlinson and Morwenna Griffiths

Tim King, Saskia Tomlinson and Morwenna Griffiths