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Uncut Poets with Gale Burns at Exeter Phoenix on Thursday 28th April 2016 at 7.30pm

gale burns

Uncut Poets welcomes Gale Burns as 28th April’s guest reader. Gale has been writer in residence at both the Sydenham Arts Festival and Kingston University; he is the convenor of The Shuffle series of readings held at the Poetry Society. His work has been published in three pamphlets, the most recent of which is ‘Opal Eye’ from Eyewear; a collection from Flipped Eye is due out in the current year.

The evening, held once more in the Exeter Phoenix Workshop space (better name awaited), will be compèred by Liz Adams and Alasdair Paterson. The usual 10 open mic spots are available, on a first come first served basis, by applying to Alasdair at or by mobile on 07783 734523. Start time 7.30pm, admission £5 (£3 concessions or open mic).

Uncut Poets, 26th June, Exeter Phoenix, 7.30pm with Jackie Juno, Jane Holland

Jane Holland

The June Uncut welcomes as guest poets Jackie Juno and Jane Holland. Jackie has long been a force in Devon poetry, equally capable of the serious, the politically committed and the outrageously funny, of weirdness and wisdom. She is a former Grand Bard of Exeter. Jane now lives in the Bodmin Moor area and her acclaimed Salt publications include Boudicca and Co and Camper Van Blues; she also writes historical fiction under the name of Victoria Lamb.

The evening will be presented as usual by Alasdair Paterson and Liz Adams, and there is room for 10 open mic spots of 5 minutes each. To book one, contact Liz on 07887 600831

Admission £5 (open mic and concessions £3). The bar will be open. See you there!

Uncut Poets: Rose Cook and Richard Thomas on Thursday March 27th at 7.30pm in the Exeter Phoenix Black Box

rose cook eye

Our next Uncut Poets meets the Spring in the sylvan confinement of Exeter Phoenix’s Black Box, festooned with guest poets and guest presenters. We welcome Rose Cook and Richard Thomas, whose most recent publications both come from the exotic-sounding Cultured Llama Press, located among the Inca ruins of Kent. Rose’s ‘Notes from a bright field’ finds its themes in the natural world, in everyday beauty, the experience of loss and what we talk about when we talk about the spiritual. ‘The strangest thankyou’ is Richard’s first collection and showcases his distinctive linguistic playfulness and deployment of the surreal to undercut or overhaul our perceptions of the mundane.

Since Alasdair Paterson and Gemma Green are rather skittishly taking the month off, we’re pleased to welcome two guest presenters, by no means unknown to Uncut regulars, in the forms of Ian Chamberlain and Liz Adams. There will be the usual 10 open mic slots, and Gemma Green will be accepting bookings for these via her mobile at 07855 809394. Book early – they soon go! Admission is as usual £5 (£3 open mic and concessions).

Uncut Poets: Julie Sampson and Alwyn Marriage on Thursday January 30th at 7.30pm in the Exeter Phoenix Black Box

Julie Sampson Tessitura

Springing from their winter torpor, the management of Uncut Poets are looking forward to throwing open the doors of the Black Box and discovering what colour it’s going to be this year. Our guests on January 30th will be Julie Sampson, whose first collection ‘Tessitura’ has just come out from Shearsman, and Alwyn Marriage, whose ‘festo’ is the latest of her several widely-admired books. Julie, who grew up in mid-Devon, now lives in Taunton; as well as writing poetry, she has researched and published on Devon women writers and the imagist poet HD. Alwyn is Managing Editor of Oversteps Books; last year she was Poet in Residence at the Winchester 10 Day Festival,
and took part in the prestigious post-AGM reading at the Poetry Society.

Alasdair Paterson and Gemma Green continue as hosts/ keepers of the peace. There will be the usual number of Open Mic spots, one of which can be reserved (if you’re quick) by contacting Gemma on 07855 809394. Admission is £5 (£3 concessions and open mic). There’s a bar, I believe.

Uncut Poets, Exeter Phoenix Black Box, Thursday 28th November at 7.30pm: Julie-Ann Rowell and Mark Totterdell

Never Give Up

Uncut Poets, Exeter Phoenix Black Box, Thursday 28th November at 7.30pm: Julia-ann Rowell and Mark Totterdell

 A slightly early notification of the last Uncut of 2013 (since the last Thursday in December is Boxing Day and so a twilight zone and a no-go area). We’ll be exiting the year with a bang rather than a whimper, with our clever combination of guest poets. Julie-ann Rowell’s poetry, regularly available in print form (her most recent collections, Letters North and The Sun At Midnight, show her abiding interest in the complicated interactions of people and landscapes), has long been a favourite with Uncut audiences; she is also an accomplished writer of fiction and a teacher. Mark Totterdell’s increasingly assured and varied contributions to Uncut have been one of the pleasures of the last couple of years, and his guest spot is well-merited and eagerly anticipated. He is a recent prize-winner in the Barn Owl Trust poetry competition and won first prize in this year’s Fire River Poets poetry competition.

The evening will be presented as usual by Gemma Green and Alasdair Paterson. Those wishing to book one of our 5 minute open mic spots should make haste to contact Gemma on 07855 809394.

Missing us already? Uncut poets, Hallowe’en special, 7.30pm on Thursday 31st October 2013 at Exeter Phoenix with Diana Gittins and Jonathan Waley


Uncut poets

7.30pm on Thursday 31st October 2013

Exeter Phoenix

with Diana Gittins and Jonathan Waley

After the dazzling success of the Exeter Poetry Festival, the Uncut management are pleased to maintain the high standards set across Festival week with a guest reading from Jonathan Waley and Diana Gittins. Jonathan, whose translations of Chinese poetry are among the manifold delights of Shearsman Books publications, has been working on versions of Japanese haiku as well as his own poetry. Diana will be reading from her latest chapbook Bork, published by the award-winning Happenstance Press, after tantalising the Uncut audience with snatches of the poetry of poultry in recent times.

The usual opportunities for 5 minute open mic spots apply. These can be booked via Gemma Green, on 07855 809394. Gemma will co-present the evening with Alasdair Paterson, who will make no references at all to the fact that it will be Hallowe’en in the Black Box…

Admission £5 (£3 concessions and open mic).

Uncut Poets, Exeter Phoenix, 26th September at 7.30pm – Alex MacDonald

Alex MacDonald

Uncut Poets, Exeter Phoenix, Thursday 26th September at 7.30pm with Alex MacDonald

Refreshed after the August break and in training for the extravaganza of the Exeter Poetry Festival in the following week, Uncut Poets is back with a flourish of dactyls and dithyrambs. Our guest this month is Alex MacDonald, poet, blogger and organiser of the Selected Poems reading series at the V&A. Expect a lively, provocative and wide-ranging set.

The evening, organised by Alasdair Paterson and Gemma Green in the legendary Black Box, offers the usual ten open mic slots at 5 minutes apiece; while stocks last, these can be booked via Gemma at 07855 809394. Admission is £5 (£3 concessions and open mic performers).

Fringe Sunday Part 1: Studio 36, 6th October from 10.30am, reading at 6.00pm

In the garden at Studio 36

In the garden at Studio 36

Sunday 6th October 2013

A day of events in the enchanting cornucopia that is Studio 36 and all in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Starting with an art poetry workshop with Marcus Wylie in the morning, to a tour of the studio space and a free special exhibition in the afternoon, to an evening reading with three of the region’s best known poets.

STUDIO 36 with Marcus Wylie (workshop), Rachel McCarthy and Alasdair Paterson

Gallery 36, Denmark Road, Exeter – £5 (workshop), £5 (reading), £8 (all day)

Pay on the door, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Reserve a space by calling Veronica Gosling on 01392 256206 or emailing her at

Marcus Wylie

Marcus Wylie

ExCite Poetry presents Studio 36 with Marcus Wylie – Sunday 6th October 2013

Studio 36 is the gallery home of Veronica Gosling. It is open by request and is full of her pottery, paintings, drawings and assemblages plus garden sculpture.


Raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support 10.30am-12.00, noon, at Studio 36 Tickets: £5.00 each or £8.00 all day.

Marcus Wylie’s workshop will explore the poetry of art, employing the visual as a springboard to written and spoken verse.

During the workshop participants will explore how poets have responded to art in the past and discuss their reactions to this work. Then writing exercises will examine art both in postcard form and throughout Studio 36. Many of Veronica Gosling’s artworks have phrases incorporated into them and this ‘found poetry’ may be used to create new poems, or first drafts of larger pieces. There will be chances to share work and poetic guidance will be provided.


Raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support 2pm-4pm at Studio 36 Free event

An open opportunity to see a display of Marcus Wylie’s poetical photographic images and to discuss both them and his commitment to helping combat veterans deal with their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through creative writing and poetry.

This time is also an opportunity to discover Studio 36’s delightful concoction of surreal art and to chat with the artist Veronica Gosling.


Raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support From 6pm at Studio 36 Tickets: £5.00 or £8.00 to include a morning workshop event.

Three poets will provide a reading. Please bring your own picnic for the interval.

Marcus Wylie works with various groups including combat veterans with PTSD. His work was exhibited in Salisbury as part of the John Creasey Museum’s ‘Other Worlds’ project and he was part of Exeter’s ‘War Art’ exhibition which reached an estimated audience of 175.000 people. Marcus Wylie’s poetry was recently included in an installation at the University of Exeter; he appeared on their ‘Wall of Miracles.’

Rachel McCarthy is a scientist, poet, essayist, interviewer and broadcaster, dividing her time between London and Exeter. She is Managing Director of ExCite Poetry, the Poetry Society Stanza for Devon. Her current elements poetry sequence is a brilliant combination of an enquiring mind and her unique lyrical dexterity.

Having directed the work of academic libraries in Britain and Ireland, Alasdair Paterson returned to the poetic fray in 2010 with his ‘On the Governing of Empires’ collection, swiftly followed by more releases. Alasdair Paterson won an Eric Gregory Award for his poetry in 1976. His work is clever and thought provoking; a storyteller whose narrative spans the ages, balancing poetic tensions with humour and a deep understanding of possibilities of language.

Numbers strictly limited and bookings/enquiries are to Veronica Gosling on 01392 256206 or email