2011 Line Up Announced

The line up for the 2011 Exeter Poetry Festival is out! Click here to find out more!

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Anne Caldwell; Andy Brown; David Constantine; Hugo Williams; Frances Leviston; Harry Guest; Lawrence Sail; Eleanor Rees; Clive PiG; Jackie Juno; Ben Smith; Jos Smith; Jaime Robles; Jacky Tarleton; Damian Furniss; James Simpson; David Woolley; Phil Bowen; Rachael Boast; Kevin MacNeil; Jane Monson; Hannah Jane Walker; Anthony Caleshu; Luke Kennard; Chris Tutton; Roselle Angwin; Graham Burchell; Rebecca Gethin; Jennie Osborne; Ian Royce; Carrie Etter; Fiona Benson; Harriet Tarlo ; Mark Goodwin


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