Fanfare for the festival’s Poet in Residence!

Introducing Exeter Poetry Festival’s first poet in residence: Liv Torc.

The winner of the South West heat of Radio 4 National Poetry Slam 2009, Liv is a stand-up poet, wondermentalist and comedian and the new Bard of Exeter. She has shared a stage with John Hegley, Murray Lachlan Young, Andrew Motion and Matt Harvey, working for Apples and Snakes, Phrased and Confused and the Wondermentalist Cabaret. She is the shyly proud author of the shiny yellow poetry compendium ‘Take Your Monkey and Get out of My Life’.

Liv performs all over the UK at festivals, gigs, cabarets and the occasional front room. She runs regular cabaret events and hosts a monthly open mic night at Exeter Phoenix, where she provides a platform for emerging poets and comedians. Last summer Liv and Beryl the Feral launched their 2 woman show ‘For Our Sins’ at Ways With Words Festival of Literature and Ideas in the Great Hall at Dartington.

“Exeter needs a poetry festival,” says Liv, “it might not know it – but it absolutely does. South Devon has trillions of excellent writers, poets and performers squirreled away in silos, performing in back rooms and junk shops – it’s time they were outed in front of an audience. It’s also time those audiences got a taste of how vibrant, moving, funny, entertaining and life changing poetry can be.”

“I am really chuffed to be the festival’s poet in residence – this is my city and I have worked hard over the last couple of years to create more poetic opportunities… Becoming the Bard of Exeter was a definite start but it’s not a title I want to wear like a medal, it’s more of a call for action… a challenge to work with and encourage inspiration. Ultimately i just want to help provide and support quality poetic entertainment – because when it works, there is nothing better.”

Liv will be opening, workshop-ing and performing at the Festival, October 7-10 2010.

pic (c) Alice Carfrae


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